Teachers of NCDS – Dr. Webster


Katelyn Mcgauley

One of the three new science teachers this year is Dr. Webster. Dr. Webster teaches 9th grade Biology and AP Biology.  She grew up in Mystic, Connecticut. Her favorite television shows are Elementary and The Big Bang Theory. She notes, laughing, “It is so contradictory that a science teacher enjoys The Big Bang Theory!”  Along with her passion of teaching science, Dr. Webster enjoys art and takes art classes outside of school.  She currently takes classes on creating ceramics on a wheel.  In these classes, she creates mini monsters from ceramic material. Dr. Webster, “really enjoys art as an outside activity.” In the future, she wants to learn how to sew quilts.  Quilts are more complex than ceramics, but she is excited to learn how to make them. Along with art, Dr. Webster likes to ski.