Teachers of NCDS – Mr. Molnar


Liz Daskalakis

Mr. Molnar is a new teacher of physics, 8th grade science, and engineering at NCDS.  He grew up in Hungary but traveled to the States often for internships and visiting family. Just this year, Mr. Molnar moved permanently to the United States. Before teaching at NCDS, Mr. Molnar worked at Brown University in the Department of Neuroscience, where he worked on a project about brain-computer interfaces.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Molnar enjoys the fun activities that the fall season has to offer such as hay rides and apple picking. He said that many of these activities were not a part of his life growing up in Hungary.  He also enjoys going on hikes where he can photograph nature. Mr. Molnar said he “really appreciates Massachusetts because it is so beautiful here.”

You can find Mr. Molnar in the science office or chatting with students in Barat Commons. He is a great teacher and also a very fun guy to talk to, so you can always have a laugh with him!