Social Media Showdown

year two.

Ashley Monahan

Once again, the girls at Dana Hall strike again with blatant attacks on the girls of NCDS, over nothing but SPORTS.  Dana Hall and NCDS have fostered a fun rivalry over the years and traditions of visiting each other’s campuses dressed as each school’s mascots and coming up with fun slogans like, “Dragon’s aren’t real.”  However, social media has once again changed the pace of the former friendly rivalry and has made it a ground for NCDS girls’ faith and tradition to be attacked.  The social media apps Instagram and VSCO were used to post pictures of the pope saying a slogan against the NCDS girls, a broken heart that said “sacred heart” in it, and negative comments about Kairos.  It was all fun and games, until the girls of Dana Hall had to cross the line.  It is one thing to try and make fun of our mascot, which does not directly effect the girls of NCDS, but mocking our faith and traditions is crossing a major line.  This situation highlights the issues with the rise in popularity of social media and how it can be used to foster aggressive and blatant attacks against peers.  The rivalry should not be on phones at all, it should be on the field.  Hopefully the posts from this year opened the eyes of the NCDS and Dana Hall students to rekindle the fun in the rivalry, which is best found when we keep it friendly and on the field.