New Wellness Center

Lauren Reenstierna and Ella Flaherty

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The long awaited opening of the Kathleen R. Martin Wellness Center has finally come! The NCDS community is excited to put to use the 50,000 square foot athletic facility that holds new basketball/volleyball courts, a new fitness room, erg rooms, squash courts, a dance studio, new classrooms, and new offices for Ms. Southall and Mr. Everett. Though the Martin Center is home to many dance classes throughout the day, it is busiest just after the dismissal bell rings. At this time students populate the building as they prepare for games and practices, workout in the new facilities, or just spend time socializing. Most popular of these locations is Mr. Everett’s new office space, where students can get wrapped, get physical training advice, or the occasional pre-wrap. For students who are not playing Varsity and JV sports, the Martin Center provides easy access to fitness equipment, and students who are brave enough for the challenge can participate in classes run by Ms. Earle. All in all, the Martin Center has proven to be worth the wait!

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