8 Christmas Crafts Christmas Lovers Must Do this Holiday Season!!

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8 Christmas Crafts Christmas Lovers Must Do this Holiday Season!!

Katelyn McGauley , Staff Writer

You may know some people that just love to decorate for Christmas and do a good job.  Have you ever wanted to have the best Christmas/Advent Decorations? Here are some easy DIY Christmas and Advent things to impress your friends and family while getting you in the Christmas Spirit.



This will surely make your tree the best! All you need is some beads, ribbon and thin thread to create this masterpiece to hang on your tree.


Have a younger sibling, cousin or family friend that is OBSESSED with Frozen? Or are you just into the talking snowman, Olaf, himself? Well here is the DIY project for you.  Get a mason jar, an olaf figurine, glitter, water and some glue and you are on your way to making a homemade snow globe! I actually tried this one and used a seashell instead to create a homemade snow globe.




Want to spruce up a door in your house? Buy, cut out or print stickers and place then accordingly on your door to make a snow man of any type of figure.

This one is super fun and can be done with anything from a snowman to snowflakes or anything your heart desires.




Want an elegant and easy holiday DIY decoration? With glue, glitter and sticks create an elegant holiday decoration that will be sure to shimmer and shine.




In love with Christmas sweaters? Try creating this amazing DIY Christmas tree sweater that you will be sure to love. Get a green sweater and Christmas decoration and create an awesome Christmas sweater.




The Christmas tree sweater doesn’t do it for you? Try this, less crazy advent calendar sweater!! This cool sweater will impress your friends and make you impresses with your artistic ability to do DIYS.




Need a last minute gift? Fill a pastry bag with hot coco mix and marshmallows, put googley eyes and a red nose on the bag and here you have a super cute Rudolph hot coco mix!




Have an old sweater hanging around that might have a hole, but you love? Try upcycling your sweater in to super cute mittens? I did this one myself and I absolutely love my mittens.