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Humans of NCDS – Charlotte Stoddard ’19

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Charlotte Stoddard is a sophomore this year at Newton and “loves every minute she is in this school.” This year for Valentine’s Day, Charlotte says her plans are “to heat up her microwaveable stuffed animal and eat tons of popcorn by herself [in a room] lit by one candle.” Charlotte’s opinion on this holiday is that she forgets that it even exists. Athletic activities in which she participates include tennis and dance. Charlotte’s favorite class this year is chemistry, and her favorite color is purple. Some school activities in which Charlotte participates are yearbook and amnesty. Her favorite restaurant to go to with her friends is Friendly’s. A fun fact that you may not know about Charlotte is that she sold her pet chickens to a guy who then killed them and sent them to a Chinese restaurant.

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Humans of NCDS – Charlotte Stoddard ’19