Meet Madeleine Yu-Phelps

Katelyn McGauley, Staff Writer

Madeleine Yu-Phelps

One of the new members of the upper school and blue team this year is Madeleine Yu-Phelps. Madeleine is a member of Acapella, Robotics, and the STEM committee. She will also be taking part in the school’s production of Little Women this fall. To further her stage experience, Madeleine worked with a theater company as a paid actor over the summer. Outside of school, Madeleine’s interests include acting, swimming, writing, watching Glee, and listening to showtunes. Madeleine’s favorite color is purple, and if she had one superpower it would be to fly. Fun facts about Madeleine include that she was named after Madeleine Sophie Barat, her favorite food is pie crust, and both her parents used to work at the school!