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NCDS Semi Formal

Katelyn McGauley and Kelly Cloonan, Writters

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If you know anyone that goes to NCDS, you know that semi is basically the biggest day of the year. Students prep all week, frantically buying dresses off Revolve, checking for availability at the DryBar, texting dates about the rules, and praying their spray tans won’t turn orange. Now that semi is officially over,  spray tans are fading, nail polish is being taken off for vespers, DryBar made some money, and revolve is getting a lot of returns, the countdown for next year is on! About 6 weeks ago, we sent out a survey asking people what they think about semi. To say the least, we got some interesting results!

Not-so-shockingly, many people were very upset that semi was on December 15th (aka, the day that many colleges release early decision and early action news). Many people answered that this date is understandably “not a good day for seniors.” As for the date change from January to December, 62% of people said they were not a fan, 23% said they had no opinion, and only 10% said they loved it, and the other 5% vividly expressed their anger. As for our question regarding semi being on a Friday instead of a Saturday, a huge majority of 84% said they were not a fan, and 6% said they had no opinion. Interestingly, only 4% said they liked having semi on a Friday! The other 6% had mixed feelings. One student made a good point and said she thinks “it is very inconvenient for students who live far away” because “driving home is not an option” so they have “to bring everything necessary to get ready at school.” With Advent Angels also on Friday, girls had to bring in their “make something” gift, so students walked in with armfuls of fleece blankets, semi dresses, high heels, sneakers, and hairbrushes to prepare for the busy day.

Another question we asked was whether or not people were planning on taking dates. Every year, students face a tough decision of deciding whether or not to take a date. While there are pros and cons to both options, according to the survey 62% took dates, 28% did not, and 10% were not quite sure yet. As for where students got ready, 45% said they were getting ready at a friend’s house, 49% said they were getting ready at their own homes, and 3% said they were getting ready at school, while the other 3% had other answers.

Now, for the most interesting question…What did everyone think the theme would be???  A whopping 32 people said that the themes was to be Christmas, but we all know it is still Advent. Sixteen people guessed the theme correctly, Winter Wonderland! We got a lot of other themes like winter olympics, advent, farm animals, the IT movie, and Saint Philippine Duchesne through the ages. Lastly, the newspaper committee would like to thank everyone who made semi possible! Whether you liked the changes to semi or not, we hope everyone had a great time!

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NCDS Semi Formal