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NCDS Throwback!- Mr. Stephenson

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This year The Heart has decided to revive some old articles for a little throwback each edition! The article was written when Mr. Stephenson first came to the school and was interviewed as a Teacher of NCDS. We hope you enjoy!

Meet Mr. Stephenson: the new freshmen and sophomore history teacher!

Mr. Stephenson grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. However, he returned to his birth state to attend the University of Oklahoma where he was a pitcher on the baseball team for some time. After receiving his master’s degree in teaching, Mr. Stephenson worked as a teaching intern at Boston Arts Academy, and then starting working at NCDS this fall. When asked if he was interested in art, “Oh absolutely not. I’m a terrible artist.” So what should you know about Mr. Stephenson? He loves sports, played both basketball and baseball growing up. He also loves to watch movies, host parties, and vacation. His favorite movie? Return of the King. His favorite band? Metallica (a hard rock group).  Quite the adventurer, Mr. Stevenson’s favorite vacation was backpacking through Europe in the summer of ’08. Now a part of the NCDS community, Mr. Stephenson has added school athletics and committees to his plate. He serves as a service committee moderator, coaches JV basketball, and will also help coach softball. His favorite NCDS tradition so far is the Blue-Silver rivalry, being a proud member of the silver team. He enjoys the unique tradition we have here at school because “it gives each girl a competitive sense” when defending her color’s title. When asked how our school is different in little ways from other schools, Mr. Stephenson’s immediate response was the fire drills. “I was shocked when we had our first fire drill,” he said, “Never before have I seen so many people take a fire drill so seriously. Nobody even tried to speak!” Some last fun facts about Mr. Stephenson: he falls asleep every time he reads (even though he’s a history teacher), he got married last summer, and his grandfather played for the St. Louis Cardinals. When asked about three things he would take to a dessert island, he decided on a blade, a water storage vessel, and something to write with. Despite encouragement to think more creatively about his packing list, it was settled that Mr. Stephenson can’t help but be a “practical guy.”

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NCDS Throwback!- Mr. Stephenson