Homecoming Food Truck Review

Homecoming Food Truck Review

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Homecoming Food Truck Review

Early on the afternoon of September 28th, 2018 the Upper School homecoming began. Many girls were in an ecstatic state as the annual parade of food trucks appeared. Three food trucks came to the handicapped parking spots and the roar of hungry girls emerged from all sides of the school to get their hands on a hoagies, a grilled cheeses and tacos. At first there was a collective groan when students did not see the beloved Roxie’s Grilled Cheese Truck on the premises and seemed to be replaced by a Baja Taco Truck. However much to the girls excitement, Roxies pulled in ten minutes later and a line immediately formed.

The Frozen Hoagie truck kept its spot as everyone’s most beloved food truck with is scrumptious ice cream and good cookies. The one complaint is that the cookies were barely warm and some slightly hard.

The two trucks bearing the more sustainable meals had varying reviews. Roxie’s grilled cheese was a huge success.  Sophomore Deirdre Farrell stated that the food was, “SO FREAKING GOOD” and Ellie Forcier also felt that Roxie’s provided, “A great snack while watching these games!” The Baja Taco Truck had less enthusiastic reviews.  The visitors were scarce compared to the Roxy’s and Hoagie truck lines and the food was only subpar. One account said “It was okay, but the chicken was a little dry though,” while another said that “the chicken was not the best but the pico de gallo was really good.” It was a site mainly visited by parents and should be heavily considered before given another chance next year. In conclusion, this truck was not as big as a success as predicted.

Although the reviews of the food was mixed, the trucks are a great asset to homecoming and in my opinion is one of the best parts of homecoming every year!


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