Humans of NCDS: Mr. Veski

Kelly Cloonan

Mr. Veski is a new Latin and Ancient Greek teacher this year at NCDS! Mr. Veski says he was a police officer for nearly thirteen years before deciding he wanted to become a teacher. He is originally from Miami, and has only lived in Massachusetts for a year and a half, but says that he “loves it here” and “wants to stay!” On the weekends, Mr. Veski goes to the gym, does schoolwork, and takes his four year old son Theodor on adventures. A fun fact about Mr. Veski is that he once let Rob Gronkowski, a Patriots player, wear his motorcycle helmet, which only Mr. Veski had previously worn. Mr. Veski says that Gronkowski was “so excited” that “he posted a picture of him wearing it on Instagram.” If he were stranded on a desert island, Mr. Veski says he would require three items, including Homer’s Iliad, a piece of gym equipment, and beard oil, because he imagines that his beard “would get quite dry on a desert island.” Mr. Veski is a really fun teacher and we are so glad to have him at NCDS!