Humans of NCDS: Niamh Mulligan

Anna Hennessey, Writer

Meet Niamh Mulligan! Niamh is currently a sophomore, marking her 6th year here at NCDS. Outside of her classes, Niamh is involved in both the Chemistry Club and the PeerEd Committee. Despite her involvement in extracurricular activities, nothing excites Niamh more than lunch days that offer the school “noodle bar,” her favorite meal. An interesting fact about Niamh is that growing up, her biggest fear was people crawling on all fours. However, she quickly admitted that even today she continues to combat this fear. So for those of you who wish to remain on Niamh’s good side, we recommend you stand upright in her presence! Lastly, Niamh’s favorite movie scene is from Ten Things I Hate about you, especially “when Heath Ledger sings ‘I love you baby’” (a fantastic choice in our opinion!).