Katelyn McGauley

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After the surprize day off on Wednesday, October 31 due to the Red Sox Parade, the NCDS community had a delayed Halloween on Friday November 2nd. After Sister Roger’s announcement on Monday everyone had a different thought about when Halloween would be celebrated. I majority of people were split between thinking everyone would dress up Tuesday, others thought Thursday even though it was the Feast of All Saints and we had mass at Trinity or Friday. After Mrs. Haddad’s email on Wednesday everyone was set on dressing up on Friday. In typical NCDS fashion, there was a costume contest during assembly time and Trunk or Treating. Along with all the Halloween, the History Department culminated their program with the Mock Election and the Facilities and Admission Office were busy with preparation for Open House. Little to say, Friday was a very busy day at NCDS!

During the costume contest everyone was able to share their costumes with the rest of the NCDS community. The contest kicked off with the Fauctly. A highlight from the Fauctly was Mr. Hicks as a very realistic witch and senior moderators .   Some highlights included from grades 9-11, Inflatable Unicorns, Camels, Inflatable Men outside car washes, The Spice Girls, The Royal Family, Shark Attack and The Hannah Montana Cast. The Senior Class choose the creative theme of being the 50 states. With 50 girls, everyone chose a state to dress as from West to East, every state was represented. After showing their costumes, the Committee of Games deliberated on the winners, and the senior class preformed Thriller for the rest of the school community.

The final activity wrapping up Halloween was Trunk and Treat. During 5th and 6th period the seniors opened up their car trunks, decorated their cars with spiders and webs and passed out candy. Everyone enjoyed some treats during lunch before the last few periods of the day. Overall Halloween 2018 at NCDS was a success!