Newsies Review!

Newsies Review!

Katelyn McGauley


This year’s musical is Newsie’s! To be completely honest I do not know anything about Newsies. Yes, I know it is a really popular musical and very well known, but personally I have never been exposed to the plot of Newsies. From what I have seen from the sets and heard of the music in passing, Newsie’s is an all boys cast and filled with singing and dancing. Other than that, I have no expectation and I am very excited to see my fellow classmates take the stage as the cast of Newsies.



Now having experienced the musical at Friday night’s showing, I must say, Newsies was awesome! Upon sitting in my seat, the curtains opened and the music began. From there, time flew by as I was witnessed the engaging plot, singing, and dancing, leaving me in awe. I was amazed by the complexity of the set, costumes and lights. I was also pleasantly surprised when I heard students in our community sing so beautifully. But the students weren’t the only attraction! Mr. Hicks, the Upper School’s AP and Honors Chemistry teacher, took the stage as the Governor and senior leads, Kaitlyn Bradshaw and Maddie Hughes, took the NCDS stage one last time. I could definitely tell the time and commitment each member of the cast put into the performance. Congrats to all the cast and crew for a spectacular production!