Humans of NCDS: Emily Castellanos

Lauren Reenstierna, Writer and Chief Editor

Emily Castellanos, a senior here at NCDS, is described by her piers as “sweet and caring”, “always willing to make time for her friends”, and having the ability to “make everyone around her feel welcomed and loved.” Having begun at NCDS in 6th grade, it is clear that she has touched many students’ lives with these warm qualities.

As a “seven-year survivor”, we tapped into Emily’s experiences by asking her to comment on some of the best parts of NCDS, as well as aspects she identifies as having room for growth. She particularly enjoyed her 8th grade Religion-Art class with Ms. Marley. She described it as being “relaxing” and an outlet to “express herself” in ways she otherwise may not have gotten the opportunity to thoughher core classes. Emily puts a high value on NCDS’ ability to cultivate students’ skills and activities that go beyond the academic sphere, which is why she wishes that NCDS would allow “more time for clubs.” She explains that “they are fun and different from the usual skills we learn,” but wants “enough time to develop them further.” For Emily, this change would allow her to devote more time to Danse Esprit, Prism, and the newly minted Latino Affinity Group.

Emily’s genuine and compassionate nature has allowed her to be a leader of the 2019 class and a friend to all. NCDS cannot wait to see all that she accomplishes in the future, wherever her path may lead. Listed below are Fun Facts to better get to know Emily!


Fun Facts:

Hometown: East Boston, MA

Favorite TV show: on my block

Celebrity Crush: Juanpa Zurita

Favorite song: Piso 21

If you had one wish, what would it be: photographic memory

If you could live in one place other than where you live now, where would it be? Why?

Mexico – where her family is from