Advent Angels

Anna Hennessey

The newspaper committee sent out a survey about Advent Angels to get some of the NCDS community’s opnions on gifts! When asked about thier favorite baked good they have recieved receive was 46.6 percent of people said cookies, 30.2 percent said brownies and 23.2 percent said other. Some of the suggestions for other treats were varying from cupcakes to pretzels to vegan food! The next question asked had to do with the second week: Make Something! As you know, it is very common to recieve a tie blanket and when we asked the school community 49 percent of people said they definitely wanted a tie blanket! Much to my surprize, only 16 percent said they did not want a tie blanket and the remaing 34 percent said that they had no preference. The next question asked was more general: Do you know who has you? A large percent of the school population, 90.7 percent, said they had not idea, 5.9 percent said they had an idea and 3.4 percent said they already knew. Good job to everyone for keeping it a secret! The last question was an open response asking about creative reveals for the final week. Many people piped in and let us know their ideas. These ideas vary from a scavenger hunt to Snapchat geo-filter! My personal favorite was one girl who said, jokingly, “buy her a car.” Overall, Advent angels is a great bonding activity to get everyone in the holiday spirit!