Cross Country in the Athletic Assembly

What surprised the Cross Country at the Fall Athletic Assembly?




The fall sports assembly is an annual tradition at NCDS; all students, athletes and NARPS alike, gather in the theater for a celebration of our athletic successes across all fall teams. We recognize athletes through awards before watching a fun slideshow where we get to see pictures of every team throughout the season. But this year, one team in particular was absent from this slideshow.

After the first minute or so had gone by, the cross country team, seated on the right side of the theater, exchanged worried and angered glances. Not one picture of the cross country team had appeared in the slideshow. They sat patiently in their seats, waiting to see a picture of their team, but it never came. At the end of the slideshow, there were pictures of each senior from every sports team. Thankfully, there were pictures of the four cross country seniors, but those were the only pictures shown of the cross country team.

Angry and upset, the cross country team left the theater feeling unappreciated and unrecognized for all their hard work, especially considering that they were one of the only NCDS team to beat Dana at both homecomings this fall.

Investigating this issue, I talked to many members of the NCDS cross country team, and learned that the team never got a chance to have Adam Richins, a popular photographer used by NCDS, at one of their meets, except during homecoming when he was on the lower field to take pictures mainly of soccer. Even without Adam Richins, there were still plenty of photos available of the xc team; a senior on the team mentioned that her mom had taken many photos of the team throughout the season, and had even sent an album to the athletics department. Thus, with all of the pictures available, why was XC not included in the slideshow? Whatever the reason, it seems like XC has been under appreciated in recent years, despite their massive successes in moving up from division 3 (which all of the other NCDS sports teams compete in) to division 2. I hope that in the future, all sports teams are recognized in the slideshow for their hard work and dedication.

Since they weren’t featured in the slideshow, above are pictures of the cross country team from this past season. Enjoy!