Humans of NCDS-Eliza Durbin

Kelly Cloonan

Eliza Durbin is a junior this year. She has attended NCDS since 5th grade, and says that her favorite part about our school is the teachers, especially, “Ms. Kenney, Mr. E, Ms. Lucey, Ms. Bleakney, Ms. Horwitz, Ms. DeDeo, and, of course, Mr. Berman.” In school, Eliza plays soccer and lacrosse, and participates in the medley committee. Eliza is an animal lover; in her free time she searches for the hamster she lost in her house five years ago and watches videos of puppies being trained to be guide dogs. Eliza’s special talents include singing the alphabet backwards, reciting a poem while jumping rope, rollerblading, and training her dog how to sit. Her dog, Tulip, is 13 years old but still hasn’t learned how to sit, but Eliza says she is “working on it.”  Eliza says her best friend is her mom, and they like to run and plan their family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner together.