Katelyn McGauley

Vespers season is upon us. Trips to Trinity are in full swing, Chorale dresses are being hemmed, dancers are putting their finishing touches on choreography and teachers are scrambling to put in assessments on the Test Calendar before it’s too late. Vespers is a true NCDS tradition, but their are some mixed reviews on the prayer service filled with singing, dancing and instrumental performances.

According to a Google Form sent out last week, 71% of the school community is in Vespers and 29% of students are not participating in Vespers. There were some mixed opinions on Vespers. 38% of people said that they loved Vespers, but the rest of the 62% had a neutral or harsh opinion on Vespers. One student said, “The only time I enjoy Vespers is Thursday, but any practice leading up to Vespers is the worst.” Out of the viewers of Vespers, 62% enjoy the dancing the most, 37% like the singing and only 1% like the prayer service part of Vespers.

For people not in Vespers their favorite part is the long rehearsals where 70% of the school are away at Trinity and they can use the silence in the school to get ahead on work. It presents a quiet time in the library where students can finish the final bit of school work before winter break. Conversely, being in Vespers is also very rewarding and for people that enjoy singing, dancing and instrumental Vespers is a great way to perform. Either way, whether you are in Vespers or not, I hope you enjoy the season and good luck to everyone performing!