Top 5 Netflix TV shows and Movies

Juliana Kwon and Olivia Egan

The best part about winter is snuggling up under blankets and watching Netflix while escaping the cold and dreary weather. But do you ever open up Netflix and not know what to watch? Happens to us all the time! To help you out, the Newspaper Committee compiled a list of our top picks for movies and TV shows on Netflix, so that next time you are ready to binge you know exactly what to watch.


Top 5 Movies

  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

If you love romance and comedy this movie is the one for you! It is based off a series written by Jenny Han and follows the life of a high school girl named Laura Jean and her very complicated love life. 10/10 would recommend.


  1. Dumplin

This movie goes out to all Dolly Parton fans (the main character’s favorite singer is Dolly Parton)! Dumplin follows the tumultuous life of a girl who is trying to fit in in a world that is pageant obsessed. She finds what the true meaning of beauty is and meets very important people along the way. And as a plus, Friends star Jennifer Aniston plays a leading role!


  1. The Kissing Booth

Joey King stars in this romance movie which highlights the life of a girl who is caught in a conflict between her best friend and the boy she likes and how to navigate maintain both relationships…if she can. Find out what happens by watching The Kissing Booth on Netflix now!


  1. The Breakfast Club

A classic, this movie follows the lives of teenagers with varying personalities who find themselves together during detention. No spoilers but this one is definitely one to watch!


  1. Coco

No matter if you are young or old, the movie Coco is a crowd pleaser! A young boy navigates through his rich heritage and the different struggles he faces with the people he loves. The best part of the movie is the amazing music that goes with it! If you do watch this make sure to have some tissues by your side.


Top 5 Netflix TV

Gossip Girl:


Gossip Girl is a Netflix TV show about a group of private school students living in the upper east side. It’s filled with drama and scandal following the lives of New York’s wealthiest teens. Their lives are followed by an anonymous blogger who exposes their darkest secrets and every moves. Gossip girl has 6 seasons, with each episode being even better than the next. I would strongly recommend watching Gossip Girl if you haven’t yet!


The Office:


The Office is a Netflix TV show is a documentary style show based on a paper company in Scranton, PA. The Office is a comedy filled show that is sure to make u laugh. With its lovable characters and hilarious jokes you are sure to love this show.


Greys Anatomy:


Grey’s Anatomy is a drama series following the lives of doctors and their patients. This show is full of drama both through the medical aspects and in the lives of the characters themselves. With 14 seasons, you are sure to have plenty to watch. I would definitely recommend watching if you haven’t yet!


Black Mirror:


Black Mirror is a series of episodes of drama filled stories, each being different from the next. The episodes each are very different, but are all mysterious and dark. They challenge many aspects of the modern world. Each episode makes you think, and wanting more.




Riverdale is a series following a murder mystery behind a boy in a small town. It is full of romance, scandal, and many twists and turns. Riverdale is very entertaining and you are sure to want to keep watching. I definitely recommend watching this show!