How to Save Money at Prom!

Kelly Cloonan, Writer

Everyone knows that Prom is expensive. Last year, prom tickets cost $ 125. And if you decide to bring a guest, that’s $350. Then when you add $50+ for getting your hair done and even more for outfits and shoes. All of this results in the bill for a single night at prom that is staggeringly high. While there isn’t a way to change the expensive ticket price set by the school, here are some ways you can save money at prom while still having a fun and memorable night.


  1. Shop for a prom outfit at a discount store

Your prom outfit doesn’t need to have a designer label. Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell high quality clothes for a fraction of the price. The “runway” section of TJ Maxx even sells some designer dresses that are less than half the original price.


2) Rent the Runway

Recently, more and more students are opting to rent prom outfits from companies like Rent the Runway to pay less for higher quality clothing. After all, no one really needs their prom dress for more than one night. You can look into renting here:


3) Borrow a friend’s dress

Have you ever seen a dress on instagram that you are just dying to wear? If so, consider asking to borrow a friend’s dress for the night. While there’s no guarantee they’ll say yes, borrowing a friend’s dress (or even buying it off them) is a cheaper option than buying a brand new dress.


4) DIY hair/makeup

Who says you need to go to the hair salon before prom? Getting your hair done by a professional is expensive, and often takes a long time, which can make for a stressful day. Skip the salon and do your own hair and makeup before prom to save a few dollars and time. Below are several tutorials showing how to do basic hairstyles:


With prom just around the corner (only two months away!). Hopefully these tips will help you make your prom a little less expensive. Whether you take our advice or not, we hope everyone has a fun night at prom!