NCDS Throwback: How Productive are School Uniforms?

For this edition’s NCDS Throwback, we decided an an opinion piece about school uniforms! Enjoy!

Should I wear this shirt today, with these pants? Should I go for the elegant look or play
it plain and simple? Or should I just go for the comfortable sweatpants that never let me

If you’re human you have probably come across such questions in the morning before
heading to school. People like me who frankly don’t really care how they dress may even
come across this problem some time or another, and it can get really tedious. Then again,
I guess I am grateful for the free will I possess to wear what I want when I go to school,
especially as I remember the days when I was younger and was forced to go to school
wearing probably the most unappealing and uncomfortable articles of clothing I have
ever seen. I, and probably a lot of you, have sometimes wondered what the point of
school uniforms are. The difficult part is that as a child, you’re arguably at your most
imaginative, creative stage in life. And it may be devastating for you to not be able to
dress like a butterfly or princess.

Well, one upside to wearing school uniforms is that it diverts the attention away from
looks and directs it towards academics, therefore limiting students’ distraction. It
enforces the idea that a child is in school to get an education, not to look pretty and be
popular. School uniforms also limit the amount of judging that occurs because it makes it
a bit harder to judge someone else based on their outside appearances. The only way you

could really see what the student is like is by getting to know him or her, which, again,
diverts the attention away from looks. Another pro to having kids wear uniforms is that
there’s a chance there would be less bullying in schools about choice of clothing, since
everyone would be wearing the same thing. It kind of puts everyone on an equal level,
where a social caste system based on fashion is banished early on in life. The children
with older siblings who get the “hand-me-downs” won’t have to be judged or feel
ashamed if a student comes in with the next big thing (mind you, that’s crazy expensive),
judging them on what they’re wearing. If you really think about it, as a child your brain is
most eager to soak in information and learn the ropes of this earth. If early on you’re
taught that looking good in life and having better clothes than everyone else is what life’s
all about, then you’re headed for the wrong path!

So then what are the downsides, if any? Well, any student reading this might have a long
list of personal pros like you just enjoy your freedom of expression, or a sense of
individuality. You might like the trust you receive by the school to not come in wearing
something inappropriate. At our age we probably are also responsible enough to not
judge someone based on what they’re wearing.

So the next time you see a kid in a school uniform, guess what – you don’t have to feel
sorry for them! If the school has good principles and the child is able to gradually
recognize them, firstly through the purpose of their school uniform, then you can argue
they’re headed on the right path.