Ten Tips For Exchange

Although some people have already packed their bags and left for exchange, I have decided to make a list of quick tips for your journey to another Sacred Heart School!

Tip #10:

Watch out for pick-pocketers.

Tip #9:

If you are traveling to a country with a foreign langauge, try and speak the language, even if they speak english. Especially if you take that langauge at school, it helps so much to learn common speaking techniques.

Tip #8:

If you have the opportunity to, wear the uniform. It helps with fitting in with the school community. If you having a difficult time finding the uniform, consider asking an upperclassmen who went on exchange last year what they did.

Tip #7:

Try new food!

Tip #6:

Make sure you takes tons of pictures so you can remember your experience.

Tip #5:

Even if you do not get along with your exchange student, try and stay friendly.

Tip #4:

Help out around their home with chores. Even offer to make dessert one night!

Tip #3:

Take advantage of the school’s resources!

Tip #2:

Remember to be polite to everyone at the school because you are representing the school and bad behavior could affect future students ability to travel there.

Tip #1:

Have Fun! Exchange is a really amazing experence no matter your exchange student!