Spring Break Survey

Kelly Cloonan

This past spring break, NCDS students flocked to all corners of the globe to travel, visit family, tour colleges, and go on exchange. Some students traveled as far as Costa Rica, New Zealand, and France, while others stayed closer by and visited Vermont, New Hampshire, or New York. There were also many who also opted to stay home to spend time with family and friends and catch up on sleep.

Several students traveled to other US states, including Arizona, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and, most notably, Florida. Nearly 50%  of students who took the Newspaper Committee’s survey, reported that they visited Florida at some point during the break. I think the crew trip to Vero Beach, Florida, could explain a large number of students. The training trip included visits to the beach, an escape room, and, of course, rowing. Some students also participated in a School the World trip to Guatemala, where they did service in a local community. Many sophomores and juniors traveled for exchange, visiting countries like France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile to attend another Sacred Heart school and experience a different culture. One student that went on exchange said that the highlight of her break was “meeting so many new people from a different culture.”

However you chose to spend your spring break, whether you spent time at home watching Netflix or you traveled across the world, We hope it was a nice break!