Kelly Cloonan

At the end of the 4th period this past Monday, no one expected Conge to happen. For one thing, it was a Monday, and everyone knows that Conge usually happens on Wednesdays or Fridays. Another thing is that it was during the 4th period, and Conge usually happens during 3rd. No one was expecting it, but the rumble of seniors running through the halls meant that yes, it was Conge! We all ran to the theater for the annual video. The theme this year was Clue! Everyone participated in fun challenges in order to win clues to find out who kidnapped Sister Rogers. In the end, it was Mrs. Chalvire who kidnapped Sister Rogers in the Sunken Garden, because she wanted to have faculty meetings in Aruba.

After every group submitted their final verdict on what happened to Sister Rogers, everyone gathered in the theater for the “afternoon entertainment,” which turned out to be a magician! Marco the Magician performed for about an hour, inviting students (and Mr. Schu) to join him on stage and help him with his magic tricks. Afterward, we transitioned to the gym for ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s.

Overall, Conge was a blast, and the unexpectedness made it all the more exciting.