New Shows and Movies

Caleigh Fotiades

Recently, there have been many new tv shows, as well as movies that have caught the attention of viewers everywhere. The show, The Act is a new Hulu series that has recently received great reviews. The show depicts the true story of Gypsy, a young girl who is in a toxic relationship with her mother. The show follows Gypsy’s journey to freedom from prison and escaping the pain her mom inflicted on her. It is a great show since it is thrilling, scary, sad, and much more. I highly recommend checking out this new Hulu series.

As well as tv shows, recent movies have been making a comeback. In theaters currently in the movie Five Feet Apart. This love story in one of a kind that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. If you love movies like Midnight Sun or Everything Everything, you will very much enjoy Five Feet Apart. The plot of the movie follows a girl that suffers from cystic fibrosis. He needs for new lungs cause the hospital to be her new home. She soon falls in love with a fellow cystic fibrosis patient. And not to be a spoiler, but if you love and miss Rico from Hannah Montana and Cody from Zack and Cody, then you will want to watch this movie. Be prepared to shed a few tears as they were flowing for me the whole time.