Spring Sports Teams

Olivia Egan

We have just entered Spring Sport Season!! And here at NCDS we have a variety of sports, which include Softball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf, Sailing, and Crew. Let’s get excited! Teams are just coming out and our seasons are starting. The coaches for the Softball team are Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Adair. They along with the rest of the varsity team are getting excited about their season. Go check out the Lower Field to watch them play!

The next spring sport is Tennis! The Tennis coach is Senora Riobueno. The Varsity Tennis team is also getting excited about their season! Head to the tennis courts to see them in action. We also have a varsity Lacrosse team that plays on the Upper Field. The team is coached by Coach Vandervort. Go check out their games! The next team is Golf. Golf is coached by Mr. Schu. Let’s cheer them on the course this season. We also have a sailing team, coached by Mr. Larsen. Make sure to watch them on the water this season! Lastly, we have a crew team. The coach is Ms. Spelman. So, go check out our awesome crew team this spring! We have some super exciting sports this season! Spring sports are a fun way to go outside and exercise in the nice weather. Our teams are super engaged and eager to begin the season. Our dedicated coaches and persistent athletes will be an unbeatable force against other schools. Even if you don’t play a Spring sport, you can still go out and cheer on our teams. We hope everyone’s getting excited!!