Getting Prepared for the End of the Year

Olivia Egan

The end of the year is approaching, so here is a guide for how to get yourself prepared! This time of year can be very chaotic, so these are some ways I like to try to make life less stressful. First, you should get your materials organized. I recommend organizing your binders by splitting the materials for each subject by tests/quizzes/assessments, class notes, handouts, and homework. By organizing your materials, it will make it easier to gather information for when you are studying for your end of year assessments. I also really like to use a finals binder, though most classes won’t be taking finals at the end of the year. For the classes with finals, a binder full of materials that you are using to study for that specific exam is very beneficial. It helped me feel more prepared for my finals, which left me more at ease. I really recommend organizing your materials for the end of the year because it makes this crazy period of time a lot easier. Secondly, I recommend using your weekly planner. Planning out my time and writing out exactly what I have to do makes me feel more prepared and in control. It helps me to not get too overwhelmed with what I have to do, and it helps me to budget my time so I can get everything done. You can use this planner to lay out all you have to do each week both inside and outside of school. Thirdly, study schedules can be really beneficial. Following a study plan for each night will help you to be fully prepared for your finals or end of year assessments. With a lot to learn and a lot to study, planning out your time is an essential way to be the best student you can be! I hope everyone has an enjoyable, low-stress rest of year. Good luck!