All Things Prom 2019

Bene Monks and Olivia Egan

Saturday, April 6th marked the day of NCDS junior and senior prom at the New England Aquarium, which also happens to be on the same night as Dana Hall and BB&N prom. This prom will be the first prom in several years where juniors and seniors will not be sleeping over the school after prom. How did this come to be and what is the compromise? Select students from both classes had several conversations with teachers of the school and primarily with Sister Rogers in order to make this change possible. Arguments made in opposition of sleeping over after prom include that the punishment was for grades which no longer attend the school, and therefore should not extend to the current classes in attendance at prom. On the other hand, teachers, parents, and select students who were in favor of sleeping over after prom argued that the primary goal of having students do so in the first place was simply to guarantee safety and responsibility after prom. Students from each grade were asked to vote on their preference is given the options of sleeping over after prom or not. The voting resulted showed that a majority wanted to go home after prom. As part of the compromise, students may go home only if they are picked up by their own parents after prom. With the compromise in place, students are now focused on what they are going to wear, and potentially even going to get nails and hair done for the prom. Dresses, pantsuits, or formal attire of any type are sported at prom by NCDS students and their guests. Common places students are doing their shopping include sites such as Revolve, Lulu’s, BCBG, Likely, and stores such as Aria Couture, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom among many others. Students who chose to do so, commonly go to Dry Bar to get their hair done for prom. Similarly, the majority of students who are choosing to get their nails done are preferring to get “dip” nails which lasts longer than a regular manicure and is not as harmful as acrylics. However students chose to get ready and whatever they chose to wear, NCDS junior and seniors looked beautiful from prom this year.