Opinion on Summer Work

Katelyn McGauley

It’s the Monday of Labor Day Weekend. I have just completed AP/preseason Week and I am having a mental debate. This debate is a hard one: enjoy the last moments of freedom before 9 months of school, 6+ hour school days and homework, or finish my summer work.
Although I know that a good grade on summer work is probably more important than going to the beach one more time before school starts, this mental debate takes up a lot of my brainpower. It is like I have two voices in my head: the left brain and the right brain. The left brain wants to complete the work well and spend all day completing it well while I could be at the beach, and the right brain wants to go to the beach and then at 10:00 pm start the summer work and finish it as fast as possible. Amongst this debate, both voices turn to the question: does summer work benefit me?
My typical summer work for the past 4 summers has been read a few books, take notes on a textbook, write an essay (or two) and complete at least one math packet. The work does not seem like a lot in June, but by August the work seems like a mountain that is difficult to climb. (NB- If you are one of those people who can spread out your work over the summer, good for you and I am in awe of you.) But for me, the work just seems to pile up.
Every year there is at least one book that I enjoy, but there is also usually one that seems impossible to finish because I am just not interested in the story. This being said and even if I do not like the story, I think the importance of reading over the summer is crucial. I think reading is a skill that is very important to hone, thus I believe that summer reading is important.
In my opinion, another important part of summer work is math. This is the part of the summer work I often complete first. Without it, my math teachers would probably have to re-teach me pre-algebra skills during the first month of school. It usually is just the right length and covers all the topics that are beneficial to start the course. It never has material I shouldn’t understand and also has examples to jog your brain on how to solve certain problems.
But, then there are the essays and notes taking. Now, this is the part that haunts me Labor Day weekend. I guess I understand the importance of getting through the material before the end of summer to spend more time on the things that are more complex during the school year, but honestly, it takes so much time for what seems like a little benefit. Still, I will eventually do the work and finish the assignment, but it’s certainly the hardest assignment (in my opinion) to finish.
Now, by this point in the article, you are probably wondering which option I ended up choosing, left brain or right brain. The truth is that is not important and I will say that is did get completed. What is important is that although summer work can put a damper on your plans, I understand the benefit of summer work and why teachers assign it. But when it is Labor Day Weekend and all I want to do is enjoy summer, I can’t help but contest the idea of school work in my mind.