Opinion on the New Vending Machines

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Opinion on the New Vending Machines

Lindley McEvoy and Ali Peck

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There has been a recent change to the hallways at NCDS: two new vending machines. The new addition to the halls has sparked conversation due to the controversy about whether or not they are better than the previous vending machines. After speaking to a member of the faculty, we found out that the switch of vending machines was caused by a severe rise in prices. Many students have multiple opinions about whether or not they like the new vending machines. Several students have expressed how they love the new vending machines, saying “the new drink vending machine has several drinks that the old machine did not have.”  When talking to students about what they loved the most about the vending machines they all mentioned Arnold Palmers. They have been extremely popular and have sold out almost every week! In addition to new drinks, the snack vending machine also has new options that students rave about including salt and vinegar chips and veggie straws. Students at NCDS also appreciate how almost every snack, excluding Cliff bars, costs only one dollar. In the previous machines, multiple snacks cost one dollar and twenty-five cents, which left many students with unwanted change. Another helpful change that has come with the new vending machines is how often they are restocked. The previous vending machines were restocked only once a week and frequently ran out by the end of the week. The new vending machines are restocked more frequently in hopes of keeping them stocked all week. Many students appreciate being able to have all the snacks available to them all week long. 

Finally, in the opinion of members of the student body, there are also challenges with the new vending machines. The most challenging issue is that we have gone from three machines to two machines. This change results in longer wait lines, a crowded hallway at the end of the day and limited snack availability. Also, if you don’t have a dollar… well, that is going to be a problem, because the vending machines do not accept cards nor apple pay anymore.  Although the drink machines may be appealing to the eye, there are fewer options for drinks to choose from. Instead of picking from 20 types of drinks, the machine limits you to only 10 drinks. The newest complaint coming from students is that the vending machines recently haven’t been accepting dollars, only coins! Even if you put a $20, $10, $5, or $1 in the machine it will not accept your cash, they only accept quarter and dollar coins. 

We would love to hear your opinions on the new vending machines! Comment your thoughts below!


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