NCDS Takes Head of the Charles!


Kelly Cloonan, Head



This past Sunday, NCDS students flocked to the Charles River to watch five Newton Crew members race in the famous Head of the Charles. In the Confidence boat with bow number 17, Kate Delaney ‘20 coxed, while Marjorie Haddad ‘22, Molly Heeney ‘21, Charlotte Barton ‘20, and Olivia Czech ‘20 rowed their hearts out.

Leading up to the race, the team was hopeful and excited, but also nervous. The Head of the Charles is the biggest two-day rowing event in the world, so it is a daunting race for any rower, yet the team handled their nerves well. To prepare, the rowers did a time trial of the course the Wednesday before the race, which helped them to later visualize the race as they mentally prepared. Kate also had to read several packets, study the course, and learn more about the other boats prior to the race.

On Sunday, the race started at 9:07 am near the Boston University Boathouse. Kate Delaney says that the most exciting but slightly stressful part of the race was the powerhouse stretch, in which the Confidence was surrounded by two other boats while going underneath a bridge. While this was a tricky situation, Kate was able to steer the boat away from the others. Many NCDS spectators cheered on the team near Elliot Bridge and got to see the team as they entered the final stretch of the race. They finished after a turn past the Winsor boathouse and placed in 43rd out of 85 boats in their event. The team did a great job and worked very hard, so be sure to congratulate all those that raced!