Newton Country Day’s Best Lunch

Caroline Linton, Writer

What is the best lunch Flik has to offer? This has been a highly debated topic among the NCDS community. Based on the survey recently given to the Newton girls, pasta was given the “the favorite lunch” title with a total of 26 votes! The bowtie pasta with a multitude of options for sauce is also a crowd favorite and the hardest part is choosing between marinara sauce, alfredo, and pesto! A close runner up to pasta was chicken and noodles with 11 votes and grilled cheese with 8. Some other popular lunches were breakfast for lunch and chicken tenders. The most surprising result of the survey was the least favorite lunch. With a total of 41 votes, cod won the majority for least favorite lunch. A possible reason for this is the breaded outside. Many students are unsure about trying “revved up” foods such as the cod or mac and cheese. 



I have to say, my favorite lunch is a tie between pasta day and tacos. The dessert has a lot to do with this too. I think the churros that accompany tacos for lunch are undoubtedly my favorite dessert!