Best Things about Fall

Emma Doyle and Mary O'Brien

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If you haven’t already noticed Fall is here ladies (and gentlemen), which means a number of things. The first being read this article in order to have a fun-filled fall complete the following…

  • Eat an apple cider donut
  • Appreciate that you can no longer get EEE
  • Bake (and eat) a massive amount of holiday-themed Pillsbury cookies
  • Watch a football game with the fam 
  • Wear overly-baggy clothes so that no one recognizes you
  • Annoy your friends and family by taking too many fall pictures
  • Burn your tongue on apple cider
  • Go all out on Halloween
  • Experience PTSD from the PSAT
  • Appreciate your friends and family on Thanksgiving
  • Watch Charlie Brown Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Enjoy the cold air and nights, but don’t freeze to death
  • Do the snow dance to get a snow day
  • Spend too much money shopping for cute fall clothes
  • Feel sick on Thanksgiving night after eating too much
  • Step on a nice crunchy leaf
  • Do absolutely nothing on long weekends
  • Get hyped for winter break!!