New Teachers of NCDS

Kate Vander Vort and Annie Kelley

The Newspaper Committee has many new teachers that we want to introduce you to! We interviewed each of them to find out who they are and what they teach at NCDS. We did not get to interview all of them, so maybe there will be a second part to this article in the future. Hope you enjoy what you learn about the new teachers and get to know them a little better!


Mr. Veski, taught here last year as a part time teacher and now works full time. He teaches Latin 1, 2, and 4. He is really passionate about Latin, wants to be a good steward of classical studies and help develop future leaders. Mr. Veski says that “Latin and classics are a foundation of leadership.” He says that the most surprising thing about the school so far is the excitement and curiosity of the students. When we asked Mr. Veski what his favorite lunch is he couldn’t choose. He says, “I eat as much as I can everyday” and he hasn’t found a lunch he doesn’t like yet! You can look out for Mr. Veski as a  “handshaker” at the line at semi and he says it’s one day of the year he relives his glory days of being a police officer. If he could have lunch with any celebrity, dead or alive, he would choose Elca Bides. He thinks it would be a  very cool experience to interact with him. He enjoys building legos and going to the park with his five year old son, Theo, and says he can do a crazy amount of pull ups on the monkey bars there. 


Mr. Guzman teaches and is passionate about History and religion. He currently teaches both 9th and 12th grade. He decided to be a teacher because he was always excited and intrigued in class and he always loved asking questions. He says he wants to be able to share the same excitement he had going to class with NCDS students. He has been most surprised by the welcoming and kind students. His favorite school lunch, so far, is carnitas tacos. He also particularly enjoys the well seasoned pork. The most interesting thing that’s happened since he’s been teaching is getting to know all the faculty. When we asked him what his hidden talent is he said, “If I told you it wouldn’t be hidden,” so if you really want to know, ask him yourself. If he could go to lunch with any celebrity, dead or alive, it would be with Leonardo Dicaprio or Malcolm Gladwell. He thinks it would just be a wonderful experience to get to talk with them.


Ms. Kumi is a French and Spanish teacher in both the middle and upper school. She knows five languages and is passionate about the importance of teaching them to others. The most surprising thing to her so far is the difference between the middle and the upper school. This is also the first time she is teaching at both a middle and upper school in America. She says she likes all the lunches, but tacos are probably her favorite. The craziest thing that’s happened to her so far is the blue silver induction experience. It is a really fun and unique time for the new teachers. Ms. Kumi says her hidden talent is dancing and she loves doing it! If she could have lunch with any celebrity, dead or alive, it would be Nelson Mandela. She said he really inspires her, his activism and persistence is something she truly admires. If you ever want to chat with Ms. Kumi, stop by the language lab! 


Dr. Walsh teaches 10th grade World History II and 11th grade US History. He has always loved history and he knew he wanted to pursue teaching it when he gave a college presentation and got great reviews on it. He has loved the lunches overall, but he has particularly enjoyed the pulled pork and the dumplings. As most of you know, Dr. Walsh is married to Dr. Baines. He recently got referred to as “Mr. Dr. Baines,” which he says is the most interesting thing that’s happened to him so far. Dr. Walsh refers to Mahhamad Ali as “one of his heros” and if he could choose anyone to go to lunch with, he would choose him.


Ms. Hurley is a networker for foreign exchange and a 7th grade religion teacher. On top of teaching, she also coaches field hockey, basketball and lacrosse. Growing up her grandmother taught and her great uncle was a professor and a priest. Early on she was exposed to the ideas of teaching and religion and now she has combined them as she is now a 7th grade religion teacher. She is also an NCDS alumnae and wants to give back by teaching here. Because she is an alumnae, she is constantly surprised by the growth of the school. From coming back to teach after graduating or just simply month by month the school surprises her in its many changes. Her favorite school lunch is baked potato bar, but she likes all of them. She likes the school lunches so much that she says, “ I usually go for second or thirds to the point where I think they make fun of me.” The most interesting thing that she’s done here so far is getting to know the middle school faculty. She only came to NCDS for high school so the middle school and its staff is new and exciting for her. Her hidden talent is that she can turn her wrist all the way around when placed flat on a table. Pope John Paul would be her choice of lunch date if she had one because “he’d be great company.”