2019 Homecoming Food Truck Review


Anna Hennessey, Writer

This year we had the same three food trucks as last year: Roxie’s grilled cheese, the baja taco truck, and the fan-favorite frozen hoagies truck. The taco truck got more hype and attracted more people than last year, and many people agreed that it really upped its game this year compared to last year. The Roxie’s grilled cheese was (as always) incredibly tasty, and the frozen hoagies really hit the spot after a long day of playing or cheering. My personal favorite was the snickerdoodle or chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip ice cream. 

Although the food trunks were great this year, there was one big disappointment. In the weeks leading up to homecoming, a rumor that there would be a Chick-Fil-A food trunk circulated the school. Much to the fans’ disappointment, this truck did not make an appearance. So homecoming planners…keep an ear out! And may I also recommend more popcorn stations? 

Until Next Year!