Has TikTok consumed the NCDS community?

Anna Hennessey and Abi Hennessey

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Have you ever watched TikTok? According to a survey sent out 99.1% of students who took a survey sent out, to the school community, said they had seen a tik-tok before. Before Tik-Tok, there was Musically. Musically was a social media platform used to lip-sync to songs and sounds. Now that app has been sold, it has been renamed TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform used to create 15-second clips of dancing, singing, etc. There is also a feature where you can create original sounds. Then other users on the app can use your songs. There was a somewhat recent update that allowed users to create anywhere up to 60 second long videos, which was a major upgrade from only 15 second clips. TikTok was released in September 2017 ad was not popular in the first year of being released. By October 2018, it moved up in the top 10 downloaded apps list. On October 19th,  it reached number one on the leaderboard. Before you go download this app (if you haven’t already) we are warning you that it is highly addictive and will cause you to lose sleep at night. 

Anna and Abigail Hennessey (us) sent out a survey to the student body about TikTok. Getting a shocking number of 106 results, we asked about views on TikTok. We asked four questions: Have you seen a Tik-tok? Do you have the app Tik-Tok on your phone? Have you ever made a TikTok? Who is your favorite TikToker? A whopping 99.1% of students said they have seen a TikTok and only ONE person answered no. 70% of students have the app TikTok on their phones. Finally, 66% of students have made a TikTok. This number is slightly less, but still a large majority. 

Now what you have all been waiting for, everyone’s favorite tik-toker! Some famous TikTokers got mentioned such as the tik-tok boys; Austin Macguire, Benji Kroll, Brent Riveria, and Sam Hurley. The wonderful Tik-tok girl, Danielle Cohn got a mention as well. Many students at our school recognized each other as their favorite tik-tokers! The lovely Miss Thea Cole got a vote and as well as senior, TikToker Ella O’Kelly Lynch. Other honorable mentions include Maggie Ascione, Marjorie Haddad (dubbed as yumearth), and Jane Bresnehan. One member of Szilvasy advisory  ‘kindly’ put down “not anna hennessey” quietly convincing me to quit Tik-Tok. On top of all of this sadness, the other writer of this article Abi Hennessey was voted as the most favorite TikToker. Wracking in a total of sixteen votes (the only person voted for more than twice) Abi takes the fan-favorite TikToker. You can check her out @ahennessey123, which contains both a Christmas countdown and intriguing videos of her and Mairead Westover.