How silent do you want the silent library?

Delia Duggan and Ella Rosovsky

We all love the silent library. With its comfortable couches and ample space to work, it’s truly the center of gathering at Newton Country Day. But there’s one question that often arises in the silent library: how silent do you want the silent library to be? There are two good sides to the argument. One is that it should be absolutely silent (I mean, it’s literally called the silent reading room, as Mr. Berman often reminds us). On the other hand, people want to be able to talk. The nice couches make the library a great place for socializing, and it’s much nicer to talk to friends lounging on a couch in the SiLi than a hard wooden chair in a classroom.


More than half of those interviewed had strong opinions that it should be silent. Understandably, the students “want to get more work done” and “would go to the lower library if [they] wanted to talk,” but a few people brought up some interesting points. Eliza Sullivan ‘21 prefers a silent library, but says “I don’t care how it is after school or during assembly, people should be allowed to talk at those times, but not during regular periods.” The idea of a combination between silent and noisy was elaborated. Olivia Czech ‘20 stated she likes an in between library, saying “I get really annoyed when people are screaming. I like when it’s silent, but it’s fine when people are talking quietly.” Olivia Winchenbaugh ‘21 agreed with Czech, saying, “It should be quieter in the SiLi than down in the lower library, but I don’t mind when people talk quietly.” Even though the silent library supporters hold the majority of opinions, the two noisy library supporters had some good points. Melina Mourmoutis ‘21 said “I listen to music anyways so I don’t mind when people talk,” and Riley Sullivan ‘21 said “I like the energy when it’s noisy.”


Overall, it seems that most people prefer a silent library and suggest that those who want to talk should go to the equally comfortable and more spacious lower library.