Fall vs. Winter Sports: Which one is better?

Mary O'Brien, Staff Writer

Here’s the question: fall or winter sports? I know there’s a lot of debate on this topic, so let’s set the record straight. I’ll lay out the pros and cons of both and let you make the decision. 

Here are the fall sports: soccer, field hockey, volleyball, crew, and cross country. Whatever your passion, fall is a great time for sports. The weather is warm at the start of the season but cool towards the end, so whether you like it cool or warm you’re going to get a combination. Ah the great outdoors. Fresh air; what can beat that? Correct answer: nothing. Nothing can beat running around in the cool breeze with your team; not too hot, not too cold. And then there’s homecoming. Homecoming is pretty awesome. The excitement of playing in front of so many people, most of which you know, and intensely competing with Dana. The fall season is also a little longer than other seasons because we are already on our teams on the first day of school. However, there are some downsides. It can get a little chilly and rainy sometimes which can definitely put a damper on games and practices. 

Now here are the winter sports: hockey, basketball, squash, and dance team. Don’t deny the fact that during the winter season, sports are a blast. You get to be in the warm indoors when outside it’s freezing. And then there’s snow. Now, I know it’s not exactly sports-related, but snow is the best. Snow days, the first snowfall… However, winter sports are inside, which can be a downside because you don’t get any fresh air. You can get a little claustrophobic in there. Another downside is the dramatic change in temperature. While you are in shorts and a t-shirt inside, you can’t exactly pull that off outside. 

Now that you have all the information, make the decision between winter or fall sports since I can’t seem to.