Halloween in High School Hits Different

Katelyn McGauley

Don’t get me wrong; I love Halloween, but as I have gotten older, Halloween has become less and less special. When I was little, I remember getting the first Halloween costume magazine of the year in August. I would marvel over the hundreds of different costumes every year and mark my favorites with a red Crayola crayon. I would then immediately show my favorites to my mom, who never failed to say, “Katelyn, we have over 2 months until Halloween. We will pick out a costume later.” Although my mom had told me to wait, my quest to find the “perfect” Halloween costume continued. I would wait for new Halloween costume magazines to be sent to my house, look online for ideas, and ask my friends at school about it. Finally, when it got closer to the end of October, I had selected, in my eyes, the “perfect” costume. Halloween would come around and I would happily put on my costume in the morning, go to school, come home and go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with some other kids that lived near me. 

Sadly, Halloween just isn’t the same anymore. Yes, I get to wear a costume to school, but there isn’t nearly the same energy around choosing one. It usually ends up being only a week in advance before I order my costume or rummage through my dresser to find something I can turn into a costume. It now feels like a chore to come up with a good and original idea for costume sharing. Then, when I come home from school, I don’t go trick-or-treating like I used to; instead, I pass out candy and watch with nostalgia as little kids run down the streets in my neighborhood.

Also, since Halloween can fall on any day of the week, high schoolers are in school and do not have enough time to do anything with their friends the night of Halloween due to sports and homework.

Although growing up has changed the holiday, I still love Halloween.