Siblings of NCDS: Anna and Abi Hennessy

Ella Rosovosky


Abi and Anna Hennessey are a classic example of NCDS siblings. Anna is an 11th grader cruising through her fifth year at Newton. She participates in Crew, Model UN, and Newspaper. In her free time, she works at Lifetime Athletic Club as a lifeguard. Abi is a 9th grader adjusting to her third year at school. She participates in Soccer, Hockey, Environmental, and Newspaper. Outside of school, she plays club sports. Anna and Abi reside in Canton, about a 25-minute drive from Newton.

During their interview, they bickered back and forth but provided some essential information about their relationship. According to both Abi and Anna, Abi makes them late in the morning. Anna says, “It’s hard for her to get out of bed in the morning and she takes 30 minutes getting ready, I mean what is she doing?”Abi countered by saying that no one wakes her up, and she sleeps through her alarms. They proceeded to argue about their morning routines but agreed that it didn’t really matter anymore because Anna drives herself. On the note of driving, Abi considered Anna to have the potential to be a safe driver, but for now, she sits too close to the wheel and brakes too hard. Anna disagrees with this statement, but the fact is she’s not allowed to drive anyone, including her siblings. They proceeded to argue again, now about driving.  

Though it may seem like all Abi and Anna do is fight, they actually get along well and enjoy doing things together, like late-night Target runs, sharing clothes, and jam sessions in the car.