Dana Hall Homecoming!

Ali Peck

Dana Hall homecoming just passed, with wins from Varsity and JV Field Hockey, JV soccer, and Varsity Cross Country. At Dana’s homecoming, there were 2 food trucks: Rice and Chicken Guys, and a waffle truck. At NCDS Homecoming, we had three food trucks. 

There was a lot of build-up to the Varsity Field Hockey game after many Dana players took to social media to insult NCDS girls before the game. Many comments involved Dana’s new turf that was installed over the summer. They said that they were better on turf than on grass, which was a reason they lost on our grass field. Despite Dana’s chirps, our team beat them on both our grass and their turf. 

Here are the sport scores from Dana Homecoming: 


Varsity Cross Country- W 34-21

Varsity Soccer- T 1-1

Varsity Field Hockey- W 1-0

Varsity Volleyball- L 0-3 

JV Soccer- W 4-0 

JV Field Hockey- W 4-0 

JV Volleyball- L 1-2