Candy at NCDS

Grace Annino

With Halloween over and your supply of candy feeling low, there are a couple of secret spots in the school to find candy. The first step is outside the offices by the nurse’s office. Next up there is the Academic Office, where you can normally find a jar of lollipops near Mr. Crosby’s desk. The College Guidance Office also normally has a bowl of candy. And if you’re in the Wellness Center, Coach Earle usually has candy in her office. 

These are the top 10 most popular candy in the US: 

  1. Skittles
  2. Twix
  3. Candy Corn
  4. Three Musketeers
  5. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate
  6. Butterfinger
  7. Snickers
  8. M&M
  9. Kit Kat
  10. Reese’s