JV Field Hockey Undefeated in the EIL with No Set Goalie


Ali Peck and Lindley McEvoy

This past field hockey season, the JV field hockey team was left goalie-less after their previous goalies made the varsity team. This was a problem that faced the team throughout the season. One player volunteered to play for NCDS homecoming, which was a relief to the players who feared having to take a turn in the net. Nevertheless, Dana Hall homecoming was lurking in the minds of the field players. As the next game was fast approaching, the team searched to find a volunteer. When no one volunteered, the team turned to drawing names out of a hat. The player’s name that was drawn was promised their preferred starting position in the following game and that they wouldn’t have to play goalie for the rest of the season. This caused some players to volunteer for the following games to prevent their name from going into the hat for Dana Hall homecoming. Many of the players on the team were hesitant to play because they were scared of getting hit by the ball, and because they didn’t want to let in any goals. Despite the field players being apprehensive about becoming goalies, many of them said they really enjoyed their time in net. 

Unfortunately, the JV team experienced a number of injuries throughout the season, from a torn thumb ligament to a hyperextended knee. It seemed like every day someone new would get hurt and the injured reserve list would grow. Many positions suffered, especially the midfield, where the team lost the most players. 

Despite the loss of players, the JV field hockey team had an amazing record of 12-1-1 in the overall season and went undefeated in the EIL league. The team scored 31 goals and let up a mere 5 goals in a total of 14 games played. At the end of the season, the team came to have a newfound appreciation for goalies, because you don’t realize how important they are until you don’t have one.