Investigation on the Turf Fields

Kate Vander Vort

The ongoing rumor that the Upper Field will soon become turf has been spread through the hallways for the last few months. The turf would enhance athletics and add a new and exciting place for sports to practice.  To investigate this rumor, I recently interviewed Sister Rogers and she gave me an inside look on what’s happening with the possibility of turf fields. She told me it would be at least two years before the turf field could be installed and used. She has talked to many Field Hockey parents and coaches about the field and is considering everyone’s opinion and point of view. Sister Rogers is aware that most schools in our league have a turf field and it makes our teams specifically, field hockey and lacrosse, at a disadvantage when we have to play on an unfamiliar material field. She has primarily talked to field hockey parents and players, but she wants to get a side from the lacrosse parents and players because they would also be using the fields.  Sister Rogers also mentioned that there is a greater risk of injury on turf fields, specifically in the knee and ACL injuries associated with turf fields. She emphasized that she wants everyone’s opinions to be valued and heard and that everything the school does is for the benefit of the girls. 

Turf fields are also very expensive and easy to mess up when installing. Sister Rogers has seen many schools have issues with installing turf field and since the cost of about 2 million dollars, she wants to make sure there are no issues. In order to avoid any issues, she has to research different types of turf and companies to find the best option for our school. We brought up the idea of renting out the turf field to aid with the cost, but she wants to keep the girls in mind and have it just for them. 

She also mentioned that she is open to talking about the turf field with whoever so if you have questions or an opinion on this topic make sure to stop by her office!