Musical Review


Katelyn McGauley


I am so excited for this years school musical, Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia! is one of my favorite movies, so I can’t wait to see my fellow peers perform it in a musical. It is going to be very difficult for me to not sing along to the amazing songs, but I am also incredibly excited to listen to my classmates sing, especially because I have no singing ability myself so I am usually in awe of the people who do (haha). I am attending the Thursday performance at 7pm. The tickets are sold out, so in order to get a seat I am arriving at 6:30. 



I was completely impressed by the Mamma Mia! performance on Thursday evening. After the doors opened at 6:30, I was able to admire the amazing set in the theater. Flowers and vines covered the well-built set. As Mr. E put it, “I felt like I was on a Greek Island.” I also found the cast and crew descriptions very comical and set a light-hearted mood for the entire show. Once the show started I was amazed by the talent of the cast. I was particularly impressed with singing, dancing and acting from my fellow classmates.

Since Mamma Mia! is such a popular movie and musical, it was very fun to know all the words to the song and know were the plot was going. Although I knew the plot of Mamma Mia!, I felt that there were changes that made it even more fun for the viewer who might be familiar with the plot. 

Special Shoutout goes to seniors Holly Thompson, Hanna Mathews, Mahka Kekana, Kat Wagner and Ella O’Kelly Lynch who took the stage one last time!