Twas the Night Before Semi

Anna Hennessey

Twas the day before semi, when all through the halls, not a student was stirring, not even the mouse; 

the dresses were hung on lockers with care, in hopes that St. Sebs boys soon would be there. 

The spray tans were settled all soft on the skin, while visions of manicures caused students to grin. 

And chaperones dreading and girls fraught had just begun to pull out of the J-lot. 

When down on their phones there arose a great message. That the pre-party address had just been posted. 

Looking out at the clock the girls waiting with glee ready to get out of the school to flee. 

Sr, Rogers was waiting for the assembly line and to wish everyone a good time. 

The girls scurried home to get their hair done But as the clock struck 2:30, ere she cried out, Happy Semi to all and to all a Good night!