Top 5 Tips for Semi!

Anna Hennessey

  1. Don’t Take It too Seriously! Semi is just one night and it is solely for fun. Don’t stress out about it too much. 
  2. Dates! Although it is fun to have a date it is also fun to just go with a group of friends. You can also bring anyone you want! A boy or a girl. Date or just a friend from outside of school. But make sure you bring someone you trust because you are responsible for ANYTHING they do.
  3. Outfits! When thinking about what you are going to wear remember you can wear whatever you want! Just keep it semi-formal! You can buy dresses from sites like Revolve or Lulus or go to the mall! Also, don’t forget the swag swap on December 3rd put on by the environmental committee!  Make sure you wear an outfit that you feel comfortable in and is easy to move and dance in.
  1. Hair and Makeup! Do not feel pressured to go and spend money to get your hair done at a salon. It is super easy and cheap to do it yourself just follow a youtube tutorial! 
  2. Bring Comfy Shoes and a Hairtie! When thinking about shoes make sure first if you wear heels wear thick heels because they are easier to walk in. Also, most girls bring a change of shoes such as sneakers for once they get into the dance.