Does NCDS have a phone addiction?

Does NCDS have a phone addiction?

Annie Kelley and Abi Hennessey

It was a normal day at the newspaper committee when some members decided to check their phone screen time. Newspaper Co-Head, Kelly, was appalled when she looked at Abi’s phone to see that her previous day’s screen time was 19 hours. How could one person spend that much time on their phone? 

This question inspired us to survey the student body about their approximate screen time to determine how obsessed NCDS girls are with their phones. Out of 62 responses, the average of daily screen time per person is approximately 2.6 hours. That is a pretty reasonable amount of time on your phone, especially if you are using it to watch videos for a class or study on quizlet. Although, we found that the most used apps from students are social media. The most common answer (20 out of 60 students) who answered the survey said Snapchat was there most used app. The next most used app was a tie between Tik Tok and Instagram, again both social media apps. Some people also shared that iMessage is there most used app. 

Although the whole average seems reasonable, there were some students on the survey who had upwards of 13 hours of screen time. Considering how much of your day you are sleeping, these people probably did not get much sleep at all!

Another interesting point from the survey is 90% of students who took the survey said they do not have a limit on their screen time. As a result, 10% of people who took the survey have a set time limit on screen time by themselves or by a parent. 

So is NCDS really obsessed with their phones? Considering the national average for screen time is 6 hours and 43 minutes, NCDS students seem to have a considerably lower result. Personally, we think that the world today revolves around the use of a phone, so it’s hard for screen time not to add up. But, we also believe, being on your phone for upwards of 13 is unhealthy and we recommend you spend some time away from your phone. 


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