Semi-Impressed with the DJ at Semi

Katelyn McGauley

When I entered Duchesne Hall last Friday night, December 13th, I had immense anticipation for good music on the dance floor unlike I have felt in past years. But about 15 minutes in to our school’s semi, the DJ made that announcement that he was glad to be back to DJ another year for us. At this moment, I knew that the music was not going to meet my expectations. 

Please do not get me wrong when I say I am very thankful for all the teachers and members of student government who planned this year’s Semi, but unfortunately I feel we are faced with the same problem every year: The music played at both semi and Prom isn’t good for dancing. 

Yes, the DJ plays relevant and currently popular songs, but some of these songs are difficult to dance to, especially rap music. This year, classic songs like Mr. Brightside by The Killers and Fire Burning by Sean Kingston did not make the semi playlist and left some students unsatisfied with the music once the dancing was over. 

Unfortunately I feel we have this issue every year at both Semi and Prom for Juniors and Seniors. We go in with high expectations that are not met. All of this made me think: Is it my expectations that are off, or is the DJ not good?

If my expectations were off, even at other schools’ dances I would think the music was bad. But this is not the case; when I went to another school’s Prom last year, I entered with the same expectations of music, and they were met. All this being said leads me to believe that, in my opinion, it is the DJ. In fact, ever since I was a Freshman I have heard people complain about the DJ and how they were going to get a new DJ for Semi. Although there have been DJ changes over my past four years of school dances, the level of music stays the same. 

In order to solve this problem, without having to hire a new DJ, what if student government sent a survey out to the whole school allowing people to make up to 3 song suggestions. Of course, there are bound to be some overlap in songs, but the entire playlist would give the DJ the idea of what type of music the student body is interested in and wants to hear. 

In conclusion, as a school community we need to find ways to make Semi to be fun and inclusive to all people who like different music types in order to create a more open community.